Running Free
Joe Creighton's fourth solo album 'Running Free' draws inspiration from his Soul, R&B, Blues and Gospel roots with discerning listeners being able to hear threads of Al Green, The Temptations, Bobby Womack and Sam Cooke.

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This is a compilation of original songs from Joe's first 3 solo albums drawing on his Soul, Gospel and R&B influences with a hint of Celtic flavour from his Irish origins.

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Ornament is collaboration between artists Joe Creighton & Simon Polinski.
This their debut album, bleu, is a lush sensory overload of deep intelligent ambient music that ebbs and flows with emotion, taking you to new places that are yet all so familiar, displaying a maturitity in their production making it an ideal listening treat for yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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Falling Again

solo album

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Stranmillis Road


Stranmillis Road is a 4 track CD which was released by Sapphire Music in 2000. It serves as a sampler of Joe's many influences and styles.

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An early band, Mellissa was popular in the Sydney scene. The band's debut album Midnight Trampoline has recently been re-released by Vicious Sloth Collectables.


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