Hello Country!

Hello Country! 2002 saw me moving into the country scene.

Firstly I was asked to play bass on Tania Kernaghan's Big Sky Country album by producer Andrew Farris from INXS. That was a lot of fun and an interesting challenge too.

Shortly after that Tania's brother, Lee Kernaghan asked me to play on his album 'Electric Rodeo'.

By then I think I was starting to get a handle on the discipline required. However no matter how much I try I just don't look good in an Akubra or a Stetson, I guess I'll always be a city boy. I have gone on to do some gigs and some tours with Lee Kernaghan, Tania Kernaghan and newcomer Catherine Britt. It is a fascinating scene, the country scene and boy do those cowboys like to party Yee-Haa!

So this is an open ended story and unless you read something more soon it means I'm dead and if that's the case I reckon I have lived a great life and the thing I remember the most is that I laughed a lot!

"To love is to laugh"
Jesse Joe

The biggest joy in my life is my beautiful son Jesse and the wonderful woman who gave birth to him Madonna.

I always remember there being lots of laughter whenever my grandparents were around. My grandfather George McNeil, came from a little fishing town in the Highlands of Scotland called Campbelltown. His sense of humour was the heart and soul of our family gatherings. He taught me to play draughts and to laugh.














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