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2.My O My
3.Is That The Way Love Is?
4.Simple Things
5.One More Time
6.Time Is Running Out
7.Fire's Gonna Burn
8.Dyin' Time
10.The Time Has Come
11.Ancient Land

 Power the schemes of a young man's dreams
 Headed for the west
 Fired up the old black Wyvern
 All dressed up in our best
 Miles of styles and stone wall piles
 Pass away the time
 Through Augher, Clogher, Fivemile town
 Enniskillen and Blacklion
 On and on through verdant splendour
 Benbulbin rises proud
 Like some giant's bed or a huge loaf of bread
 Lost among the clouds
 Cool clear water
 The crystal sounding bell
 A welcome to the wanderer
 A wonder yet to tell
 And didn't we have the time
 And didn't time stand still
 Dropping slowly from the mountain
 Like mist on the hill
 And didn't we have the time
 And doesn't it live on still
 Running from the mountain
 Just like that crystal spring
 The field of dreams and images
 Set my young heart's fire aglow
 At Innisfree, search for WB's
 Hive and nine bean rows
 In the blue light of the primus
 Imagination spills
 We laugh and joke about fairy folk
 But I often wonder still
 Cool clear water
 Blessed holywell
 We had our doubts, and we never found out
 But it did us just as well
 Cool clear water
 Runnin' from the holywell
 We drank our fill and watched the spill
 Runnin' down our chins