Directions and Influences - chapter 13
Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, David Sylvian

When I recorded Holywell '92, Gus Til and Simon Polinski (Producer and Engineer) introduced me to a lot of music I had never really listened to that much. They had been in a band together called Beargarden. It was like an introduction to the 'Dark side' for me as I had always been into the roots/blues/soul/gospel/reggae/funk side of things and I had never gotten into all that British arty/pop/glam/avant-garde/rock kind of thing.

It always sounded to me like blokes singing with something painful wedged up their arse and funny haircuts to match. But I remained open and learnt a great deal. I heard David Sylvian, Rain Tree Crow, Talk Talk, Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Michael Brooks to name a few. Daniel Lanois of course was a great lynchpin in this musical mix and worked with some of these people like Brian Eno but yet himself, living in New Orleans, worked with bands and artists such as the Neville Brothers. I find this kind of cross-pollination creatively stimulating.

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