1.I'm Gonna Be There 
2.Stranmillis Road
3.As One
4.Falling Down
5.I'm Gonna Be There (Instrumental)

Stranmillis Road is a 4 track CD which was released by Sappire Music in 2000. It serves as a sampler of Joe's many influences and styles.

As a point of interest, when Phil Avalon was looking for music for his movie "Liquid Bridge", he chose all four of the songs on this particular album.

In the 2003 APRA - AGSC Screen Music Awards, "As One" was nominated for Best Original Song Composed for a Feature Film, Tele-movie, TV series or Mini-Series.

Ryan Kwanten, Tony Bonner, Jarrod Dean, Jeremy Sims, Simone Kessell,
Nathaniel Lees
Nick McCallum (Ryan Kwanten) works in his father's rundown service station but the surf is his big love. His father (Tony Bonner), an ex-pro champion surfer wheelchair bound after a surfing accident, stands in his way, as does his own fear of the Jurassic Points ­ the giant waves. Encouraged by his best friend and fellow surfer Dane (Jarrod Dean), he does break away from his father, but his surfing manager (Jeremy Sims) uses the two friends to unwittingly smuggle drugs. Dane is put in great danger and Nick is jailed; apart from fighting his case in court, he needs the support of his French
photographer girlfriend (Simone Kessell) and jailed islander Ogitani (Nathaniel Lees) to face the waves he fears most and find his destiny.

It's hard to imagine that close to three decades after Aussie surfer-turned film producer Phil Avalon made his debut with Summer City [and introduced the world to a young Mel Gibson], that at the ripe young age of 48, Avalon would finally make his directing debut, returning the sub-genre that started it: Surfing. Avalon¹s style is slick and fast-paced, in this energetic, handsomely mounted surfing drama about a young man facing the odds in one of the toughest, most intensive sports on the planet. Beautifully shot by Roger Buckingham and sharply edited by veteran David Stiven, Avalon's Liquid Bridge is a hypnotic looking slice of escapist entertainment, featuring some of the most exhilarating surfing sequences captured on film since the likes of Endless Summer and even last year's Blue Crush. Also featuring likeable performances by newcomers Ryan Kwanten , deliciously sexy Simone Kessell and the wonderful Nathaniel Lees, Liquid Bridge makes for one terrific directing debut. It's the perfect summer movie that oozes sun, sex, sand and surfing, all packaged in an irresistible escapist drama. Mr Avalon has a solid directing career in front of him.

Paul Fischer