1967 Off to the Colonies

1967 Off to the Colonies, I immigrated with my parents to Australia.

It was extreme culture shock for me especially in the music scene. At this time the Oz music scene was very pop driven. Not to say the UK wasn't, it's just that in England and particularly Ireland there was always a strong undercurrent of blues and R&B i.e. Stones, Animals, Them, Pretty Things, Led Zeppelin, Yardbirds, Cream etc.

Doin' my time

This existed in Australia but it was just a murmur by comparison, the main thrust as I saw it was very shallow pop and I couldn't wait to leave. I felt like a convict sent to the colonies. But as an assisted immigrant I had to stay 2 years my sentence!!!

I did play in a local Sydney weekend band 'The Sands' for a while, where I met Tony Lunn, the drummer who went on to become one of Australia's leading graphic artists.

Tony was responsible for the current Qantas logo and many more familiar icons and incidentally did the cover art and booklet for my cd 'Falling Again' under the name Arnot. He also became my first 'brother in law'. He now lives in Berrara NSW and is responsible for some of the beautiful backgrounds you will have seen on this site. Check out http://www.tonyarnolunn.com

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