Couch Concerts

Over the years I have had the pleasure of performing in private homes and found the experience to be most rewarding on so many levels.

Although I love performing in theatres and clubs and enjoy the intensity and energy of a larger stage and audience, there is something quite special about performing to a smaller group of people in intimate surrounds. The connection is immediate and palpable.
In a more informal setting people feel like they can get involved and often inspire a bit more storytelling with their questions. It’s gloves off, the defences are down and who knows what will happen. I don’t usually get to talk to people until the end of my larger shows when I am selling CDs and it’s often rushed as there is a queue and people are hurrying to get home.

For this reason, I am putting together my Couch Concert Series

All you need to do is invite some friends to your place, for either a formal dinner party, casual drinks, Sunday barbeque or an afternoon tea, and I’ll arrive at a set time for an up close and personal performance.

A group of between 10 and 30 is a good start for an acoustic set which is basically me sitting on a chair with my guitar, telling tales, performing original material interspersed with some Van Morrison songs from ‘Into The Mystic’ and some selected covers and I may even take a request or two.

Any more guests than 30 and I probably would need to get a little louder and bring a small PA (mics, speakers etc) but that’s fine too. In the words of the Beatles I can also “get by with a little help from friends”, and call upon some great talent whom I have had the pleasure of working with over the years, to help me out if you really want to party with a bigger band.

For a personally tailored evening in the privacy of your own home please contact me at

If you could provide the following details:
1. Proposed time and date of your function.
2. How many attending (approx.)
3. Location.