Running Free

Running Free

Music Samples

1. Running Free
2. Beautiful Way
3. Dreams
4. Nothing I Can Do
5. I'm Not Your Fool
6. Slip Away
7. What It Means
8. How Long
9. Believe
10. It's Gonna Get Hot


Joe Creighton's fourth solo album 'Running Free' draws inspiration from his Soul, R&B, Blues and Gospel roots with discerning listeners being able to hear threads of Al Green, The Temptations, Bobby Womack and Sam Cooke.

Growing up in Northern Ireland, Creighton was exposed to the great tradition of R&B and Blues in the local music scene in Belfast in the '60's with bands such as Van Morrison's "Them," and across the Irish Sea, with The Rolling Stones, The Animals, The Yardbirds and The Pretty Things.

The title track Running Free captures that idyllic childhood Creighton spent in the seaside town of Bangor, just outside of Belfast.

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Running Free: Guitar: James Black; Tenor Sax: Jimmie Sloggett; Guitar, Bass and Vocals: JC.

Beautiful Way: Keys and Guitar: James Black; BV: Anny Remsnik; Tenor Sax: Jimmie Sloggett; Guitar, Bass, Keys and Vocals: JC.

Dreams: Guitars, Bass, Harmonica, Vocals: JC.

Nothing I Can Do: Piano and Piano Accordian: Cres Crisp; Guitars, Bass, Keys and Vocals JC.

I'm Not Your Fool: Tenor Sax: Jimmie Sloggett; Keys: Cres Crisp; Guitars, Bass, Vocals: JC.

Slip Away: BVs: Anny Remsnik; Piano:Cres Crisp; Guitar, Bass, Keys and Vocals: JC.

What It Means: BVs: Anny Remsnik; Guitar, Bass, Harmonica and Vocals: JC.

How Long: Tenor Sax: Jimmie Sloggett; Guitars, Bass, Harmonica and Vocals: JC.

Believe: Tenor Sax: Jimmie Sloggett; BVs Anny Remsnik; Guitars, Bass, Keys and Vocals: JC.

It's Gonna Get Hot: BVs: Anny Remsnik; Trumpet: Tibor Gyapjas; Guitars, Bass, Keys and Vocals: JC.


A special thank you to all the musicians that played on this album, Jimmie Sloggett, Tibor Gyapjas, Cres Crisp, Anny Remsnik, James Black, and Simon Polinski who mixed and mastered it. JC.