In 1969, I had done my 'time'

In 1969, I had done my 'time', and I headed back to London and Belfast alone.

Well I had forgotten how bloody cold it was and how boring the food could be, but the music was still great. I went back to Belfast and lived with the old crew, who by this stage were either at Queens University or Belfast Royal College of Art and of course exploring the joys of various hallucinogens.

Dolls House

Belfast was a volatile place at this time British Troops, Saracen armoured cars, IRA snipers, frequent bombings, and UDA vendettas and I suppose an unusual place to want to take acid!

I toured the country with a Belfast band called 'Dolls House' from Limerick to Limevady and beyond! It was my first professional band and I was proud to be a 'professional' musician. Except once, whilst the drug squad was raiding our manager's house, Sergeant Scully, whilst interogating me, asked me what was my job and I answered proudly 'professional musician' he grunted and said as he muttered and wrote down 'Unemployed'.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and I started to realise that Australia might not be that bad after all. Six months of bitter winter and inadequate heating may have influenced me a little. Anyway, onto the boat and off I went back to the colonies and heat!

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